Modern Trends in Microwave Passive Components

With increased frequencies, higher data rates, and lower noise levels, the microwave industry serves as a leader in technological capability. Component General, Inc. (CGI) plays a strong role in providing advanced microwave components.  CGI has application expertise in test and measurement, component simulation, Radar applications, wireless communications, industrial, scientific, medical applications and homeland security applications. … Continue Reading »

Design Criteria for High Power Terminations

ABSTRACT: In today’s modern world, the needs for high power terminations that exhibit both “sustaining” high power and excellent VSWR have greatly increased.  Due to this increase in demand, the ability to interface microwave signals effectively to passive components has been imperative. Correspondingly, the need for resistive terminations with these characteristics is in high demand … Continue Reading »

Mounting and Soldering of High Power Devices

As we achieve higher power levels of operation for passive terminations, attenuators, and resistors, it becomes increasingly important to find new effective methods of heat removal. Included in these methods must also be a thorough understanding of the customers’ requirements and his methods of heat mitigation. Good soldering methods for all “tab” and SMD mounted devices are imperative … Continue Reading »